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I’m Michael Marshall Smith, and I write novels, short stories and screenplays. I’m also Creative Director of Neil Gaiman’s production company, developing a varied slate of television and film projects for clients including Amazon and Netflix.

If you’ve come from Twitter, you may know me from such rants as:

This Substack will be a place for slightly less sweary pieces (probably), which hopefully you might find worth a read — along with stuff about writing itself, and the world, and all the weird and fascinating things in it. Sharing some art too, and music, and maybe even a recipe from time to time. A bit like sitting next to me in a pub, but without the inevitable hangover and/or short stay in a correctional facility.

There will be one substantial piece a week, with notes and thoughts and “hey, this is cool” bits in between. Should there be news about my new books or other projects, they’ll be here too. Variety will be my watchword: posts will not be just the same old crap time after time, because that’s terribly dull. Having written mainstream, horror, thriller, science fiction and crime, as well as prose, screenplay and non-fiction, and now working as a TV development producer, sticking to a lane is clearly not my jam.

I will not be carpet-bombing your inbox, and I’ll try to be at least the third or fourth most interesting thing you read all day.

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Words about writing, and the world, and the weird and fascinating things in it. Everything's interesting if you give it a good look — so let's go do that.


Novelist and screenwriter, friend to cats, and Creative Director of The Blank Corporation, a film and TV production company. All opinions are my own — nobody else wanted them. This version contains bug fixes and general improvements.